Both me and my twin flame are nomads, thats actually why we ended up meeting each other in Spain. Reading the article made me feel that I belong. Love children and still love those that hurt me . . I left home 25 yrs old pregnant to a state I knew noone . So now I am much more confident in a humble way. Here's a list of the commonly known ones. Youve got to be technical and scientific enough to run a shoot in an unnatural human environment and creative enough to make watchable videos out of it. These technologies will advance humans on planet Earth. Thank you for explaining. Thank you in advance for sharing all this information. The wisdom that I empart is sometimes very surprising to me as I am sometimes only then realising the wisdom myself, as I am imparting it no previous current life experience to draw it from I have strong Claire abilities. I love Andromedans, you are deeply wise, but very measured. Thanks for the great summary! There is no set Andromedan starseed appearance, but most Andromedan starseeds have an oval-shaped face with a thoughtful look on their face. Thank you so much, Julia. I have connected telepathically with my galactic family and I couldnt be happier! Birth Chart (Coming Soon) What is a Starseed? When I read this I started crying for some reason.. Sometime in my live, I felt that I am not 100% belong to this planet. Read more about. Have had a celestial dream where Im gazing down on earth from clouds alongside 2 male celestial beings who communicated via claircognizance, and the profoundness of the dream was so strong and overwhelming. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. Looking forward to reading more, id love to connect with you!! I have always been looking a bit different from others which in my younger years led me to being bullied. And then check the table collating the degrees, signs, and house placements foreach planet and point. In comparison, there are MILLIONS of pleiadian starseeds incarnated on Earth right now. Love n light brother and sisters. I have many health problems and cant seem to make money no matter what i do. Starseeds have distinctive personality traits. They are not afraid to stand out. This all made so much sense to me. I was shocked by that response because i have been living in pleiadian energy (feminine for me) dominantly until that. My sister died at the age of 24 while I was in the hospital. In prison! Jo hi julia lundin Im tired of this planet" even as a child. Thank you. Ive always understood the + or after the ABO type to indicate the Rh factor, either + or -. Me and my Andromedan twin flame have had this thought many times, to move into a tiny house free from social media and tech. I felt the shift and could imagine the energy as it became something else? When reading this I just felt that every point was talking about me. Amazing. And, yes, he is a little angel, My boyfriend is actually an Arcturus Andromedan mix, so thats really cool to hear! Perhaps as a nomad or in the mountains or countryside, growing your own food. Unfortunately I have been struggling a lot with the low vibrations from Earth and due to anxiety disorder and depression I have been suffering a lot during my life time. Starseed Origins, 07/31/2020 07/31/2020, Orions, 1 + First blog post Starseed Origins, 07/31/2020 07/31/2020, Orions, 4 . Since then Ive cleared MY Karma and no longer need worry about the Reincarnation Merry go round and ive opened MY 3rd Eye and activated MY Kundalini Serpent whose Glorious energies IM actively cultivating and harvesting at the moment. Wow this article sparked my attention because I been looking for answers my whole life, I felt like I was crazy I always saw things in people nobody else did, I especially felt out of place almost all the time, I was very emotional as a child cried a lot whether happy or angry sad didnt matter and I was wasnt afraid to be emotional, one thing I did to control them was be involved with aquariums I love the oceans lakes rivers and streams I live aquatic life I crave the sounds and the sun off the water I love the smell. Stand in my way and never give up if my presence is hurtful to anything. I was pretty sure I was but after reading Im But when angry, my words would bleed with power and my mother had warned me that it is ominous when i speak that intensely. My blood type is O+ with rH- blood factor.rare right? I love looking at the stars, love the beach, I could swim underwater before I learned to swim on top. Thank you for this. Spending your days in a cubicle, working for somebody else makes you feel trapped, and you feel probably called to start your own business. I remembered in a dream that in my privious life i were a famouse general of persian kingdom when cyrus was the king of hakhamaneshian in 2500 years ago . I have recently been receiving a lot of mental information and this morning, during meditation, I had contact with my Andromedan family.. All I wanted was guidance. People wanted $250 for a reading and were booked weeks out. I broke a lot of ground with dealing with trauma and shadow work. Now I understand why did I interesting with the word Andromeda . You can still be Andromedan. Im learning to protect my energy. I have known who I am for about a decade now, but I felt quite alone in that knowledge. I have to take a moment to ensure that i am not making any egoistic choices, that clear word crom myself is a necessity for me to act. Until we meet again! Got chained up thrown in a cop car and charged with a felony and told I might have to serve 14 years! Hello Julia, greetings and warm hugs. If they are us in the future what made them look the way they do. But as I pick up things I let go of because I was taught I was bad I didnt feel comfortable in my gifts but Ive always had other come to me for 51 look about 30 yrs old I dont feel old unless I get overwhelmed with negativity. I am so analytical and detailed in my thinking that I can 99% categorize everyone I meet, and basically have a blueprint to their minds. Now I communicate and meet with my Andromedan family that visit me at home every now and againIts pretty out there! On 6-6-06 I had what doctors say was a psychotic break and believed I had died and gone to hell.. Has made the people so awful. The man has a lizard (reptile) guide. The content produced by YourTango is for informational and educational purposes only. Sending you lots of love and blessings . Lavendar's work recognised these planetary aspects as the indicators for Pleiadian lineage: 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Just like Lyran starseeds, you HATE authority, and sometimes you just want to break out from the system, and live off-grid. Never feeling like everyone claimed. As a star being I dont know my origins but its about my purpose but Ive seem people get so caught up in the hype of whos star planet is better or stronger and I get confused on mission. Happy to see a fellow Andromedan here and glad you liked the article , I feel so connected while reading this. a white/blue-ish being. I would love to hear in the comments! Wow, i just had this aha moment to know who i m, and not only indigo. I am tall, thin and unusual long lims. It was like bathing in pure, fluid, metaphysic light. Dear Julia and thank you so much for this article and for the work you do. The other one that surprised me was my ability to take a role I didnt know I possessed. Hello fellow Andromedan your explanation rings true. The only problem is I hate driving haha. This post is wonderful the whole truth about my life and me. Without further ado, here are signs of an Andromedan Starseed: We all have both the Masculine and Feminine energy inside us, but for most people on Earth, there is an imbalance. My cosmic name is Aydhen (pronounced I-dean). It is not a coincidence that you were guided here . When i was on my 21 years of age, i made a scholar trip, after some days with the group i leave them and ended up on Paris alone 2 days and 3 nights, that was my awakening, i felt on a different reality, i was protected (i feel that), but very confused, during that time i was in comunication with voices that i can listen in my head, but one thing very important, that i no longer forgot, was, they told me, we and you are nomads, we travel the space. I was told Im a Mission Realmer from Andromeda and this makes it even clearer. I always tear up and get tingles all throughout my body when I come across articles such as these. Thank you so much for sharing this great info to help me learn more about myself! The content is based on a combination of the authors life experience and years of knowledge gathered through online research. I have just received a channelling and was told I have an Andromedon guide and I have been on that planet in a previous life .That resonated with me straight away and after reading this is my exact personality , I have always felt different right from an early age . Are reptilians human incarnate This really resonated with him! But I know everything will be okay. But when I identify with EVERY bullet point, including just accessing the Akashic records like its no big deal Im pretty sold on Andromeda as my home world. I had a 6 1/2 year relationship with my soulmate who I believe was an Andromedian Starseed. Freedom is the most essential thing for me, love travelling and excited about science. So, you can't actually manipulate and Andromedan starseeds easily. Thank you and hi. And alse years ago when i was back from london to tehran i was in some kind of dream for some minute that i had access to anything ( past , presant , and also future ) when i thought about help humanity by those unlimited knowledge i backed by a loud noise that i could not remember my name for half a hour . Ive always felt different from the other kids and never managed to fit in, making only a few friends. I often wondered why are they asking me questions or looking for answers. Hi Ro! Can you imagine? Even those who are here often live understated and quiet lives. Reading this I looked back on some events in my life and realized they made so much more sense now. But I walk forward now, the world is far brighter today I believe as a human, I needed to experience these things, to be able to understand the true path of Humanity.all has been confirmed and revealed again to memy only wish is to spread Love and Compassion For all beings here on this beautiful earth. I was find out I am an andromedan star seed and while I browse about my star seed, I end up here. Um thank you for the read. i think i reincarnated into later in time to see what its like, and i hate it. 4. Thank you Everything is more clear now. Perhaps overly. I go to Beti Kotevski, you can find her online. And the same fr my Twin flame. Is all humanity alien inCarnate, here to just fight another planetary race outside their universal zone? The Andromedan starseeds are from the angelic realm. He passed away Dec 18th 2020. Meditation and grounding (being barefoot in the grass, salt baths etc) will help a lot. Turns out I am!! Thank you for this piece. <3, Hi thank you for your most informative article Ive always known I AM an old soul and Ive always loved Ancient civilisations such as Sumeria, Atlantis, Lemuria & Pangea especially now I know and understand why. No joke. Most relates to me as wel but Im not thin or thick just inbetween both, this is the only thing Im worrying about. She can also tell you information about past lives and a general idea of your starseed mission. Hej Henrik! Star seed this, star seed that.. (totally enraptured by the thought as it makes so much more since of my life and childhood. IP didnt even know I was on the Spiritual path until I achieved Self Realization and then I just knew and re-remembered that Id been on the Spiritual path both Subconsciously, unconsciously and more importantly Subliminally MY whole life. By those things do you have any idea who i am? The night i had my awakening i was terryfied because when i looked in the mirror i saw something else than myself. Thank you for this article it clears up a lot for me. I had a reading and I find out I was an Andromedan starseed light worker. My ears are ringing right now lol. Thank you for this! So thank you for sharing, first page I have come across since the ten mins ago receiving andromedas (I actually dont know anything about), and it really resonating . I just read your article and its totally 100% spot on like me exactly! We help lightworkers step into their power and soul mission. I have felt many times i want to leave but I know I cant commit suicide. Is there genetic engineering that will take place in the future to alter the looks from human to star race? Im not trying to be rude or anything like that, but it seems to me that Andromedan Starseeds assume and feel obligated to assume a lot of responsibility and life purpose. What I have been experiencing during my awakening would otherwize have me question my sanity and I would be to scared to move on. Down to the vaccines blew me away that its all been unfolding!! Just recently found out that I am an Andromedan and everything started to come together. The worst is when people are silenced for speaking the truth, and warning people about the dangers of 5G technology, vaccines etc. Thank you for sharing this, it has brought me great comfort as well as a sense of purpose. TOTALLY. Ive always been quite the loner however; have put on a smiley face and greeted others to make them feel good. Youre welcome, Libby. However, Andromedans are not only creative but also masters of science. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and have always known that it was what would make me fulfilled. i am mad that we are harming earth and no one talks about it. You appear confident to the outside world, but you might struggle with self-love. This is all still fairly new to me and its happening really fast. I am extremely analytical but also a very very highly intiuitive empath, with a recently affirmed natural and automatic ability to heal and enlighten and spread one-ness and non-understanding through communicatoin. I just didnt know why. It sounds like youre going through quite an intense awakening, wow! Very nice topic.. And your conclusion? I do believe that I am an Amdromedan star seed that has come here to save the planet from frequencies that initiate sadness and despair. So happy to know others with all the same attributes. I'm sick of all this evil. Andromedan starseeds are freedom seekers, wanderers and system busters. What I saw was a red planet with a earth like atmosphere. I have no manipulative bone in my body and struggle to understand how some do. I resonate with every single one of these and looking back on my childhood etc things make so so much more sense now e.g I struggled with self love and now Im a confident woman stepping into my power! Thank you kindly for this information, I knew I was an Andromedan and this article just furthered that resonance!!! But as time has gone on I have found that I am to teach them. Very good article. They also tend to have a lot of Gemini and Virgo placements. Thank you so much for sharing , Thats awesome! I was beat because of who I was how I was different she would beat me horribly then She would prosper an uneducated woman was able to walk into a pile of crap and come out smelling like a rose. There are certain markings in natal charts that reveal you may be a specific type of starseed. I originally was searching for answers as to why I am intensely receiving energy from others. Im sick without him and he definitely fits the description in your article. mom died when I was 13. Best 21 Starseed Books You MUST Read In 2023, Are You A Blue Ray Starseed? So much of it resonated with me. Julia is the founder of The Spirit Nomad and helps lightworkers step into their power and soul mission. You are one of those people who could never live in a land-locked country (unless it was full of lakes). This is why you as an Andromedan starseed also is very also analytical. But I learned to walk away from the negative. I knew nothing about Andromeda until researching today and BOOM..I have been in the travel industry 30+ years, married 3x one husband was Egyptian and I lived in Egypt where I KNOW Ive lived many times before lol..loving all the resonance. Thank you for this valuable information. If you are (or in the future become) a public figure, the fame would not easily get to your head. ???????????? Sending you lots of love and blessings , Hi. Add to cart Category: Starseed Book Thats not possible. Reptilian what? I had a dream yesterday, I met aliens in my dream, and they mentioned andromeda. at the time of your birth. Ive been feeling very unsettled in this relationship and within myself, so I took a trip to the mountains. I have met so many people during my awakening that has been leading me where I am now, and I am sure many of these are beings I met before incarnating on Earth and we have all this mission of having more and more people waking up on earth. You dont think anyone should have to pay high taxes and you try to minimize your tax bills as much as possible. You may still be a starseed even if you do not have these birth chart markings. Btw, thank you for the beautiful article. Lots of love/Ida, Beautiful, thanks for sharing! I have a Telegram account and always read the posts from Darkness to Light. i dont look like an andromedan starseed but I do act like one Im not tall thats it Im not tall Im very short so does this mean Im not one or??? They choose to come to Earth to help humanity and Earth in some way. Thank you very much for reminding me It is a nice article as well as a wonderful guide for our star seeds. Just like any starseed, physical appearance can vary. Its cool because now I can actually understand quite complex science without any university type education. The Mirrorsthe glassthe mercurythe shiftingthe materializing . Im just beginning to Come into my own in this idea. Im just so new and need some time to orient myself, my goal is as clear as crystal. Literally Avengers.. A couple of more things, Andromedans are kind of elf like, theyll have elf-like ears or theyll have large ears. . Other than these, 0 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo is another Pleiadian Starseed alignment. Then it happened. Like I was a friend. Now I know. Was threw back in a hospital. I am so sad that I am only now finding this out. Thank you for this article! I just kept running. Shown the times we are in and that its not about money, that there are beings that understand humans more than we do ourselves, and keep ppl in a low state of awareness. And he said you dont need shoes where were goin. Yes I know I am from Andromeda galaxy because a few years ago even before hearing the galaxy nameI channeled for my friend and I. Wonder why he visited me though. The reason I spoke of this because the things I understand now. The reason why Andromedan starseeds love travelling is because they love freedom and because it reminds them of being back on their spaceship, travelling at the speed of light. Fell in love with snorkelling, being underwater feels like home. I sure would like to know more about this and myself. Took the dcfs case to the illinois supreme court and they wouldnt hear it. My whole existence I have walked alone abuse mental and physical until 8 months ago. I am living in a country where all freedoms have been taken away, we are forced to wear masks and it is insane, as it the world. They have the ability to access the metaphysical realm of the energy field and calibrate it in order to accentuate a body's ability to heal itself. What is the purpose. I have found my freedom within , and I am managing ok but I am over whelmed by the disclosure , about the children, the betrayal, the lies, the vaccines , and the total deception that has taken place here on Earth and the aqueisence and blind trust of human beings. I only use technology but not really into it. I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here: They also have a strong mind-body connection which allows them to heal themselves. Im wondering if Im potentially some type of hybrid..?? Just found out that Im an andromedan starseed from Mirach about 20 min ago and this is the first articl Ive read since. Sending you lots of love and blessings . Lastly, I have said and always felt this I feel like a stranger in a strange land, and Im just visiting and observing. The awakening is finally taking myself up on the high vibrations where I belong and I have come to experienced really high vibrations, pure love in my whole body. (meaning generally, of course, because people are infinitely complex. Ive gone without food to fed others none relation Ive taken care of ppl that wouldnt piss on me if I was on fire . There are around 800 000 Andromedan starseeds on Earth, making it one of the more rare races. Could that mean I am not a true Andromedan? Happy you liked the article and that it resonated with you, Naomi! I was almost translucent in colour too. I got online and found this site. I dreamt about the arkaishic records, actually visited there and saw all the records. Young andromedan here, glad I found this article. Andromedan beings are freedom seekers; they will always change jobs, homes, and relationships to find their freedom. Then next night my partner suggested we watch Nova and it was about the Andromedan Galaxy and I instantly remembered, did some google search, found you and watched your video! From infancy Ive always spoken like someone much more advanced in age. I recommend and their soul origin reading to find out which one if you are unsure. My awakening has been gradual, so no crying ah hah moment, just confirming what I have always known. I just had an Akashic reading today and she told me I was from Andromeda. It wasnt suicidale thoughts but a need to go home. Starseed markings or alignments can be found in your birth chart by looking at the position of the celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, the Planets, etc.) Anyhow, my mom has always said I was a star child so that is why I am here. Much love, Julia. However, I am not much for taking credits for my actions and like to stay in the background. But I always had ET related experiences since 2002 so I had always post questions in my mind as to what was happening. after having soul retrieval ive discovered the andromedans have been actively making contact, The past 2 years have been a whirlwind of an awakening for me. even something as simple as a teacher and student. Hard to imagine. Birth City. Going through a turbulent Kundalini awakening right now. There shape was created by warm light. I also love traveling which helps me to meditate and re-energize my soul. I just recently started my journey and have been wondering for a while if Im andromedan or not. I went through an ego death, and I feel I am becoming my True self. Your explanation of that in this article was awesome and made a ton of sense ! I have always been interested in mysticism and spirituality and alternative healing. But there are many others as well. I have known for many years that I am special and my ascension process has been intense. I have a very scientific and questioning mind, constantly seeking knowledge. She held my face to a stove when I was 6 mths old very long story but that abuse along with much more from a.variety of other humans. Ive spent from the age of 18 to 27 in n out of mental hospitals diagnosis pretty much stayed Bipolar type 1 with psychotic features. Huge and intense spiritual awakening lead me here, to finding out who I really am. I turn. And reading this gets me closer to discover who Im thank you , Thank you for your article, it made me feel like home! The degrees of 0-10 in any sign can indicate the Starseeds Orion or Mintakan. I am andromedan but I am overweight and having trouble losing. Yours youtube video give me a lot answers and sometimes more questions. And I also saw the motherships. Most people around you seem brainwashed by the media and blind to what is actually happening on the planet. My grandfather told me that I would become what I was meant to be in my my later years. I was shocked ! Thank you so much for these articles! I dont know if my dream predicted what would happen or if the dream became a guide for me to know the races of starseed espcially the andromedan. Ive always known that Im an old soul. I figured hell, theyre open to everyone right? My son is rainbow child, but he got starseed reading and says he is from Andromeda. Im curious how star seeds relate to humanity in general You dont have to go around bragging to everyone that you are a starseed, but just have that inner knowing and confidenct that you are special, talented and have an important mission on Earth.. Andromedans exceed in many areas, but especially in science and as healers of the body. I just read through all of this and I have never felt so understood in all my life. Please educate me. You came here as galactic volunteers. I just want to leave. I will get a starseed reading soon. If you want a more in depth look at your personal astrology, shop the Birth Chart Report here. Continue to help humanity and I also will do my best to assist aswell with my gifts and traits also. My baby girl <3 Miss Kyla. Awesome to meet another Andromedan Starseed! You just want whats the best for the planet. They may or may not remember where they come from, but they have this intense inner knowing that they have a purpose to fulfill on Earth. Welcome, Hope you enjoy our site 2 years in the making and finally we are here. These starseeds have strong Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn placements in their birth chart. Wish I did. I dont know how to describe it. my name is Hebe, like the Greek Goddess of Youth, and I think that was meant to be my name so one day i would delve into the delights of spirituality. . Woooowww! Actually just quit my dayjob to start my own business as a coach and Reiki healer. These starseeds have strong Libra influence in their natal chart. I loved reading them all!! This felt like I was reading my life story. Unsolved mysteries was playing on the tv in the living room..stating my sins. My home is definitely Andromeda. At that time, i didnt know the meaning of nomad. I ended up believing I was a blue avian, but reading this really confirms I come from Andromeda. I want to come home. Exact Birth Time. And it scared people. 1st is just really simple and neither here nor there, but I dont think body type is really a way to tell, but if it was, I would say it would be the body type and shape like the self-proclaimed Andromedan Starseed, Lilli Bendriss. according to the signs that you told, I am 100% Andrommedan starseed. They are random things and some of them arent of any use. 3 nights ago while I was falling asleep the name Andromeda kept coming to me, and I thought ok I will look into that in the morning, I forgot, next night same thina and in morning I forgot again. olivia tells fitz about the abortion, french brittany puppies wisconsin, does tesla offer relocation,
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